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        Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Shenxing Photoelectric Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

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        Ozone generation
        作者: 時間:2019-03-21

        Using a high-energy ultraviolet beam, the air produces a large number of free electrons, most of which can be obtained by oxygen, forming a negative

        Oxygen ion (O3-), negative oxygen ion is unstable, it is easy to lose an electron and become active oxygen (ozone), ozone is advanced oxidation

        The agent can oxidize and decompose organic matter and inorganic matter, and can also oxidize and decompose main odor ammonia, trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide ether and dimethylene dimethyl diene

        Sulfur, carbon disulfide, styrene, etc., can react with ozone, under the action of ozone, these odorous gases by macromolecules

        The material is broken down into small molecules until it is mineralized.

        Ozone generation process is shown as follows:

        UV+ air O-+ other ions negative oxygen ion O3- ozone O3

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